Smoking Cessation

Kimberly used several smoking cessation protocols over the years which had some success but were not as successful as she had hoped.  Over a decade ago, she learned of a protocol used by a colleague and found it to be extremely successful and Green Dragon has been using it ever since.

The program consists of 3 acupuncture treatments over a 4 day period.  The patient receives treatment on Days 1, 2, and 4.  The ideal manner in which these treatments are provided follows:

The night before your first treatment is the LAST time you smoke.  There are no, couple puffs in the morning before your treatment.  Before you go to bed, that is the last cigarette...throw the rest away, and get rid of all paraphernalia such as lighters, and ashtrays.  Once you go to bed, your body will begin its usual detoxing time.  When you wake, the detoxing has begun and your first acupuncture treatment will continue to aid your body in its detoxing.  This is why, we suggest, the Day 1 treatment is a morning treatment.  Hopefully, as soon as the clinic opens!  Day 2 and 4, you may schedule your treatments for a convenient time.  It has been our experience that most people can go into work a little late that first day if that is a concern.

You should schedule all 3 treatments prior to beginning to ensure you've set aside the appropriate time and the time slots you need are available.

Green Dragon has a brochure available in regard to this program, please feel free to call or email us to request one be mailed out to you.  It has some nice preparatory information, especially if this is your first acupuncture experience.